Home Sweet Xalapa OR 10 Things that Happened This Week (in no order) And a Poem for Tere by Michelle Nicola

Uno - I found an apartment! Home Sweet Xalapa! 


Home in Xalapa

Dos - I found a laundromat and now have clean clothes. ¡Gracias a Dios!

Tres - I met with my new, amazing, generous and intelligent colleagues, Mtro. Sánchez Juarez, Mtra. Gonzalez Hernandez and Dr. Romero León.

Cuatro - I got sick. :(

Cinco- The owner of my apartment, Tere, took care of me.  She made me pancakes, coffee and ginger tea. ¡Mi mamá mexicana!

Panqueques, café y té de gingibra

Seis - I bought groceries. (It’s things like that that make you feel at home.)

Siete - I visited the Anthropology Museum of Xalapa.  It’s amazing and deserves its own post.

Cabeza olmeca

Ocho - I met Gonzalo, a friend of Kika’s, for breakfast at Tierra Luna, where they play live jazz on Saturday mornings.

Nueve - I wandered the streets of Xalapa and happened upon a cool art exhibit in the Universidad Veracruzana.


Diez- I met up with Fulbright friend Josh for some much needed foreigner abroad friend time.


un poema para Tere

hay algo que existe

entre nosotras las mujeres-

cuando estuve enferma

me cuidaste

cuando necesitaba de una amiga

me presentaste a las tuyas y

nos preparaste café.

y cuando padecía de inspiración

me leiste unos poemas


hay algo que existe

entre nosotras las mujeres

y creo que es el

saber abrir

nuestras corazones y así

conocer y